Communications with FERC

FERC strongly encourages all parties communicating with it during the process to do so electronically. This is referred to as order to do so, interested parties must have an eRegistration account with the FERC. This can be obtained at FERC’s website

An alternative method to eFile is through the ‘Quick Comment’ system available via a hyperlink on the FERC homepage. ‘Quick Comments’ do not require the user to have a subscription. However, comments are limited to 6,000 characters and all information must be public. Those wishing to use the ‘Quick Comment’ method can do so by submitting their name and e-mail address at the area shown on the FERC homepage. Detailed instructions on how to use the system will be sent by return e-mail.

Those without internet access may submit hard copies of letters and documents to:

    Honorable Kimberly D. Bose, Secretary
    Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
    888 First Street, NE
    Washington, D.C. 20426

Detailed submission guidelines for both eFilings and hardcopy filings are available from FERC at:

FERC Filings