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Announcements: W&AR-5 Workshop Draft Notes-Attachments for Review


W&AR-5 Workshop Draft Notes-Attachments for Review 


Attached are the DRAFT Meeting Notes from the Don Pedro W&AR-5 Salmonid Population Information Synthesis Workshop held on July 26, 2012.  In addition to the draft notes, the Districts have provided, for participant feedback, critical items to the conduct of the study:  (1) Life cycle diagrams edited based on meeting feedback (changes highlighted in attachments to the Notes).  These conceptual models will form the basis of the models developed under W&AR-6 (Chinook Population Model) and W&AR-10 (O. mykiss Population Model).  (2) During the workshop, the preliminary ranking of key issues affecting salmonid life stages that will be used in the development of the models was discussed.  The Districts have provided, for review by the relicensing participants, preliminary rankings based on information reviewed to date (with citations) as attachments to the Notes.  Remember, the key elements in the development of these ranking are that there are data available to support the importance of the item to the life stage and that the potential issue can be quantified for use in the population models. 
The Districts have reviewed and included available information to support the current identification of key issues, and the Districts will be moving forward with development of the models per study plans for W&AR-6 and W&AR-10 based upon the information presented at the Workshop and documented in the meeting notes and attachments.   The Districts appreciate the feedback provided to date.  As discussed at the workshop, if any further changes to the rankings are recommended by the participants, the Districts request source data and references to support recommendations within the 30-day review period for these Notes. 
Please provide any comments on the draft workshop notes and any additional source materials to Rose Staples ( by no later than Friday, August 24, 2012. 


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