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Reservoir Temperature Model

Reservoir Temperature Model
Don Pedro Project FERC No. 2299

Don Pedro Graveyard Creek Area

Don Pedro Graveyard Creek Area

As a part of the ongoing relicensing of the Don Pedro Hydroelectric Project, the Modesto Irrigation District and Turlock Irrigation District are preparing a reservoir temperature model. The FERC-approved Reservoir Temperature Model Study Plan (W&AR-03) [View Study Plan] describes the commitment to develop a three dimensional (3-D) model characterizing the thermal structure and dynamics of the Don Pedro Reservoir. Through this model, water temperatures in the reservoir are simulated using historical meteorology, hydrology and water temperatures, along with using inputs from the current Project operations model.

The Districts will be using the reservoir temperature model as a tool to evaluate the reservoir thermal structure and dynamics resulting from the current and potential future operating scenarios. The model is available to Relicensing Participants for their review and use. The modeling report serves as a manual for running the model, as well as a report on calibration and validation. [View Draft Report and Model Manual].

Reservoir Temperature Model (Requires access credentials - see below).

For initial model access and credentials contact:

Scott Lowe, HDR

For other reservoir model-related questions contact:

Rob Sherrick, HDR